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7 de Junio 2009

Reglas para Musulmanes

Como de todas maneras ya está marcada mi página en el websense como 'sexosa', pues aquí les va esto:
Tomado de la sección de preguntas frecuentes (FAQ) del site del Ayatollah Khamenei...

Q: If an [impure] person does [ritual squeezing of the penis after peeing] but without urinating, what is the ruling of unknown liquid that comes out?

A: It is ruled to be semen unless he is sure that no trace of semen had remained in the urethra.

Q: While slaughtering chickens with new machines, the name of Allah is not said for each chicken due to fast work. Can we eat them?

A: For each group of them, which are slaughtered at the same time after saying bismillah, one bismillah is enough.

Q: Some seminal fluid is discharged on sexual stimulation. Is it pure or [unclean]? Is it ruled as sperm?

A: For a man it is ruled as sperm and makes [ritual cleansing] obligatory only if its coming out is accompanied by sexual pleasure, ejaculation, and weakness of the body.

... ok....

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